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by Villas bonanza

Adult pool with pool bar, Children's pool, Grilling areas, Children's playground, Pet park, Gym, Bicycle station, Equipped clubhouse, Green areas.

All our houses are fully separated with a lateral corridor, with excellent distribution.

Toledo Residential
Carisma Residential

Porcelain floors, marble countertops, oval sinks, single-lever faucets.

Totally separate
Kitchen equipped with granite counter
2 parking places
In private reserve


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The Riviera Maya, made up of various micro-destinations and covering an approximate distance of 130 kilometers along the coast of the Mexican Caribbean, is a destination that has independently positioned itself in major tourism markets. It is a region recognized worldwide for its beautiful white sand beaches, paradisiacal islands, and surrounded by stunning nature and crystal-clear freshwater cenotes.

Over the last 20 years, the Riviera Maya has become a hotspot for national and international investors. Below, we share seven reasons that justify this area as an optimal and safe place to invest.
The geographical location of the Riviera Maya is privileged, making it a very important component of its success. The Cancun International Airport is a hub easily accessible for air traffic and its ports and highways make it easily accessible by sea and land.

The Riviera Maya has an obvious appeal: the beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise sea. This has caused real estate appreciation to increase, given that accessibility to these beaches makes the destination attractive for tourists and residents seeking to be close to or facing the sea.
The geography of the Riviera Maya offers endless activities for residents and tourists thanks to its impressive nature. Whether you're looking - or your future tenants are looking - for aquatic, jungle, relaxing, historical, or simply local adventures, the area has it all.
If the above was not enough to convince you of the incredible investment opportunity that the Riviera Maya offers, then consider the short and long-term profitability indices of the area.

In recent years, there has been a constant growth in demand for long-term rentals as the Riviera Maya has become a source of work and opportunities for Mexicans and foreigners. For this reason, investors are looking for house-type residences, which appeal more to someone looking for the comfort of a home they can call their own, versus a vacation rental.

In addition, the Riviera Maya is a place that economically benefits travelers, retirees or residents due to its cost of living, which facilitates the decision to spend a short, medium, or long-term time in the area.
5. Development and continuous growth
The development of the area goes hand in hand with commercial development, and more often there is interest in creating new plazas, museums, experiences, shopping centers, among others, offering a variety of activities for residents and tourists.

Private and government sources have invested millions of dollars in the area to develop and maintain it - especially in the difficult times that have been experienced worldwide, and tourism and hotel occupancy rates indicate that it is a destination that remains alive and strong.
6. Infrastructure
The infrastructure of the Riviera Maya has been benefited by real estate development - and vice versa - since one cannot exist without the other, generating a perfect balance so that both property owners and tourists can enjoy a destination that has everything necessary for a cosmopolitan life.
7. Return on investment
It's not easy to give an exact percentage of return on investment that one can expect from an investment in the Riviera Maya. Many factors need to be taken into account, such as location, property type, number of bedrooms, type of rental (long-term or vacation), among many others. However, over the last 10 years, returns on investment in the area have been between 8% and 15%.

What our clients think

Abril Santacruz

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Excelentes casas!! Me gustó mucho su diseño y las amenidades de la privada, buena relación, calidad precio. Excelente opción para vivir o invertir en Playa del Carmen

Adrian Flores

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Me gustó mucho el fraccionamiento, se ve lindo 👍🏽

Gerardo Martinez

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Excelente ubicación y hermosas casas

Juan Gabriel Custodio Dominguez

Google Maps
Wun bello lugar

Raúl Fernández Muñoz

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Bonitas Casas y a buen precio

Arely Dominguez Lara

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Muy hermoso

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